Montreal Needs A Winter Street Food Market At Place Des Festivals On Saint-Catherine Street

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Drinking and eating is always on the mind of a Montrealer, no matter the season. The dishes and beverages may change to better fit the weather, but the zeal and love for all things gustatory remains the same. Summer is much better for the inner foodie in all of us, thanks to the many food festivals like First Fridays that bring together so many food options in one place. London has done the same thing, just in winter, and Montreal needs to follow suit.

London's winter street food festival is known as Night Tales, which is held in a 10, 000 square foot car park that is transformed to hold two whole floors of bars, gardens, log gardens, private chalets, and many food trucks. Music, street food, and exclusive drink/cocktail menus all combine in one renovated space to create a "winter food festival" we wish was happening here.

Last year, Montreal continued the summer's street food tradition of First Fridays into the winter with First Saturdays, which was basically the same event, just held on the next day of the week and throughout the winter. Looking at the event's scheduled for the Esplanade Financière Sun Life, the regular grounds for First Fridays/Saturdays, nothing is in the works for the winter, which we hope won't be the case for the entire season.

Other street food events may be in the works, which we'd like to see, because as Night Tales demonstrates, you don't need to host a big food event in a standard venue like the Big O. There are plenty of unused or abandoned spaces in Montreal that could be taken over by food trucks much like was done in London, or the event could just be held in Quartier des Festivals, which would probably be easiest. No matter what, as long as their is plenty of good eats, Montrealers will come.

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