Montreal Needs "Bacon Lottery Tickets" Badly

The I Heart Bacon lottery needs to expand.
Montreal Needs "Bacon Lottery Tickets" Badly

Photo cred - not_on_display

A Ron Swanson-approved lottery has officially launched, and like you already guessed, these lotto tickets are bacon-tastic.

All across the state of New Hampshire you can now purchase "I Heart Bacon" scratch-n-sniff lottery tickets that smell just like your favourite pork product, aka bacon.

Priced at only $1, the bacon-scented ticket can win you $1, 000, but in all honesty, paying only a buck for the soothing smell of bacon is already quite the prize.

Montreal has more than a love affair for bacon, we have a damned obsession with the uber-popular breakfast food. Epic Meal Time's glorious overuse of bacon was obviously influenced by Montreal's mentality to "just add bacon," a mantra that inspired the creation of Brutus, the only bacon-themed bar in North America. No doubt Montrealers would clamour for bacon lottery tickets, if not just for the smell.

Take a look at what you could be scratching, sniffing, and potentially winning tons of cash with below.


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