Montreal Needs "Cereal Cafés" Badly

You know you want them.
Montreal Needs "Cereal Cafés" Badly

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Heaven is a Saturday morning chocked full of cartoons paired with more than a few bowls of cereal. Your 8-year-old self would agree, and while the years have jaded you and made your weekend mornings more an early afternoon hangover, you can't deny the nostalgic awesomeness inherently imbued into a bowl of cereal, with cartoons or not. Magic happens when you pour milk into a bowl of pops, pebbles, flakes, squares, or puffs, and that is why Montreal needs its own Cereal Killer Café.

The brainchild of two twin brothers who never really grew up, Cereal Killer Café is the UK's first specialty cereal-cafe, set to open next month in Brick Lane, Shoreditch. According to the cafe's website, the cafe will sell over 100 types of cereal from across the globe (e.g. Oreo O's from South Korea, Pop Rocks Fruity Pebbles from the USA) which can be paired with 12 kinds of milk and 20 toppings.

Cereal is best enjoyed with cartoons, as we all know, and that will be the other amazing aspect of CKC. Not going the high-brow route (you will not find "artisanal cereal") Cereal Killer Café fully embraces the youthful nostalgia linked to a good ol' bowl of cereal, with your favourite cartoons from the 80s and 90s playing on screens as you slurp of your sugary breakfast, points out Vice.

Fleshing out the "café" part of the name, Cereal Killer Café will also offer coffee, toast, and 18 flavours of pop tarts, just in case cereal isn't your thing. If it isn't, well I automatically think you're the worst.

The perfect treat for anytime of the day (late night to early morns) the mighty bowl of cereal should be given its own cafe in Montreal. A 80s-90s-centric specialty shop has already been shown to work on the Montreal market (Freaklunch Box is like CKK but for candy) and so we believe, nay, demand, that some youthful entrepeneur/restauranteur opens a Montreal cereal cafe. Hell, call its a resto-bar-cereal cafe and serve cocktails with bowls of cereal, just as long as it happens.

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