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Montreal Needs Free Marijuana

An initiative to help those that truly need it.
Montreal Needs Free Marijuana

Photo cred - Cifl

One town in California has just passed what is probably one of the coolest, and oddly progressive, health care laws maybe ever: free weed to the poor.

In Berkeley, California, beginning next summer, all residents who make $32,000 per year/$46,000 per family and have a medical marijuana license, will be able to get totally gratis cannabis from a local dispensary.

The law, officially sanctioned by Berkeley's city council, with a unanimous vote according to NYT, will require all of the city's dispensaries to set aside 2% of their cannabis production for the underprivileged.

Starting next summer, Berkeley residents who earn less than $32,000 per year (or $46,000 per family) and have a prescription for medical marijuana will be able to get it for free from one of the dispensaries operating within the city.

We may think this is a very forward thinking initiative, especially given the fact that cannabis is a state-recognized medecine in California, but obviously there are some vocal haters on the new law.

Bishop Ron Allen of the International Faith Based Coalitiontold Fox News (go figure) that the law is "over the top madness" while John Lovell of the California Narcotic Officers’ Association think giving weed to the poor will just make them lazy stoners, and not want to get a job at all.

On the other hand, the mayor of Berkeley, Tom Bates, sees the free weed law as an assurance of equal access to a drug that truly is a medicine, one used for treating cancer and many other sicknesses.

A stigma against marijuana will probably always exist, and critics of Berkeley's new law seem to be eclipsing any benefits with the negative stereotypes of weed smokers. If lack of motivation is the reason a person doesn't have a job, that's a personality problem, and not the fault of any drug, cannabis or otherwise.

We would (obviously) love for free weed for the poor to be a thing in Montreal, but first lets get it legalized, officially, and not in the "everyone does it so it's okay" way the city already rocks. Hopefully we'll be one step closer after the next federal elections.

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