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Montreal Needs McDonald's Delivery Service Badly

Never leave your house again.
Montreal Needs McDonald's Delivery Service Badly

Photo cred - Petit Petit Gamin

Deliverable McDonald's is a beautiful, and dangerous thing. Any random craving for a Big Mac, McFlurry or McNuggets would satiated within minutes, and you wouldn't even need to leave the house. Sounds like a Lana Del Ray-style dark paradise, one that is a reality in Australia. Kudos to Petit Petit Gamin for making us aware of this piece of fast(er) food news.

Since the beginning of August, McDonald's has been testing out home-delivery (unsurprisingly called McDelivery) in various Australian hoods. McDonald's-to-your-door has been ongoing since last November in certain areas, but McD's, in collaboration with online delivery system Menulog, has expanded across Australia when August began.

Like many resto delivery services, you do need to make a minimum order price of $25, which when only ordering for 1 or 2 people, can be a bit of a struggle at McD's, given the cheap prices. Given the price requirement, the delivery option is much more suitable for families, larger groups, or when you have a serious case of the munchies.

Mcdonald's delivery service took off with massive success in Australian neighborhoods, which doesn't come as a surprise, but the popularity hasn't benefited customers. Some have complained of long wait times and, as a consequence, stale French Fries. I guesss that's the price you pay for convenience.

McDelivery makes most sense in areas with large population density and minimal space, where drive-thru windows aren't feasible, as pointed out by Menulog's blog. Sounds like Montreal to us, at least the downtown areas where there isn't a drive-thru in sight.

McD's has already tested delivery in North America before, but in the USA. We think another test in Montreal should go down, if only to see those hilarious McDonald's delivery scooters on the road.


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