Montreal Needs More Love

And it all starts with you.

Photo cred - @atiyalalji

A city can be a lonely place, even one as vibrant and creative as Montreal. You may show love to your friends and family, but what about all the pedestrians, cyclists, cashiers, and the majority of other random Montrealers you see everyday, and completely ignore? Don't feel bad, we all pay nearly no heed to the strangers of the city, making for a Montreal that seriously lacks in the love department.

Enter Love Montreal, a new social initiative all based on random acts of kindness. Their mission is simple: ask Montrealers to think of one nice thing they can do for a stranger, actually do it, and then share the moment on social media to inspire others to do the same.

Like a stone in a pond, a single good deed can ripple through Montreal. Love Montreal wants you to be the spark that ignites a fire fueled by love in the city, and it all starts with you. Bringing some light into a stranger's life can have more positive and long-lasting effects than you may realize, so never underestimate the power you hold as an individual with love to give.

Montreal needs more love and you can give the city what it needs by sharing your moment of Montreal kindness on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and using the #LoveMTL. Just by joining the movement, you can also get a free tee, a material reward for spreading some love.

Big, small, public, or private, any act of kindness can make a difference. Make Montreal known for being all about the love and join the Love Montreal movement. Head over to the official website and FB page for more info on how you can get involved.

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