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Montreal Needs To Start Hosting Marijuana Scavenger Hunts

Toronto does, and we gotta be cooler than T-dot.
Montreal Needs To Start Hosting Marijuana Scavenger Hunts

Imagine a scavenger hunt where the prize isn't a gift certificate, concert tickets, cash, or (worst of all) simple bragging rights. Instead, the grand prize is a bunch of free marijuana that you're free to do with as you please. Too good to be true? Well for some Canadians, this is a very happy reality.

Every day in Toronto, the legal-to-smoke weed are invited to take part in weed scavenger hunts, put on by the Toronto branch of the Marijuana Info Bureau, which we're fairly certain is a made up title. Starting at 5pm, MIB_Toronto gives citizens clues via twitter as to where they've hidden some ganja, and the hunt begins.

On Sunday September 7th, MIB is taking the concept to the big leagues, now organizing what they are calling "Canada's largest marijuana treasure hunt...ever," with $25k in weed + prizes. Since weed-hunts are a pretty new fad, we're inclined to believe them, and are already incredibly jealous for all the Torontonians who will get to participate.

Montreal seems like a much better venue for daily weed-hunts, and the giant September event too. No MIB_Montreal twitter account exists (yet) but we hope the trend will make its way over to the island. Smoking culture is already dominant, and as long as the same rules are followed (only advertising to those legal to smoke) the po won't be able to shut it down.

So basically this is an open casting call to anyone/any group willing to be an active-stoner and try to get Montreal in on the weed scavenger hunt scene. We're more than happy to help you get the word out once the hunt begins. Besides, we can't let Toronto have all the fun, and if Montreal doesn't follow suit, we'll see y'all in Toronto on September 7th.

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