Montreal Needs "Wine Trucks" Badly

Yup, wine trucks are a reality.

Photo cred - Union Wine Company

There's a reason food trucks have become so popular in the last few years. One, they're awesome - but it's also largely due to the fact that Montreal lifted its 65-year ban on street-food a couple of years ago, allowing us to finally sample a variety of gourmet creations while out and about in the city. Montreal then did one better and gathered the various food-truck owners once a month at the Big O, showcasing their unique brand of street-food all in one place.

Clearly a successful venture, as now, on any given day, Montrealers can devour delicious urban munchables at numerous locations around town, a feat we're particularly proud of. So we asked ourselves, what's the next logical step? Wine trucks (obviously).

Trust the city of Portland, the hipster capital of America, to come up with what is really a no-brainer. Portland's food-truck scene is already top-notch, which is probably why the Oregon-based Union Wine Company decided they would bring the wine to the people and created the Union Wine Co. Tasting Truck.

This is not your ordinary wine-tasting truck, however. The trend-setting craft winery re-purposed a vintage French Citroën H Van and stocked it with handy, portable cans of their Underwood Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris wines, making it easy to enjoy wine on the go. Despite what reservations you may have about drinking wine from a can, this is perfectly befitting in the street-food context. You're hardly going to stuff your face with a sloppy, pulled-pork behemoth of a sandwich with one hand, while sipping ever so delicately from a wine glass, raised pinky and all, with the other. That would be pretentious. But a can of wine, now we're talking!

While Quebec did get its first-ever wine truck and wine bike called Chai Vin & Cie, there's something that's just so cool about Union Wine Co.'s vintage Citroën that we'd love to see roaming the streets of Montreal.

Check out the Union Wine Company Facebook page and Instagram feed for more pics.

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