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Montreal Needs "Winter Wine Trucks"

There's no better time than the winter for wine.
Montreal Needs "Winter Wine Trucks"

Photo cred - @vienz_manulat

Guess what, Montreal? There's only one major winter festival left this year, and then we can finally move on from this frozen hell and into warming hell. While we do up the cold season almost as well as the hot season, with various outdoor events, concerts, festivals, gatherings, raves, fireworks, snowball fights and everything in between (like only Montreal can), there is something still missing from our wintry scenes. Something that would make all of those activities exponentially more satisfying, and quite frankly make being outside in the winter a lot more bearable.

We talked about this concept late last summer as something we needed to see happen sooner rather than later, and looking at the applicable situations it would not only benefit, but enhance, our wintertime seems even more appropriate. Of course we're talking about mobile delivery of alcohol when we need it most, or more specifically, winter wine trucks.

Imagine gazing at the Old Port winter fireworks while sipping on a warm apple cider. Or admiring the awesome snow sculptures of Fête des neiges with a little help from one of our renowned, locally-made ice wines. And Montréal en Lumière made even classier with the ready availability of some delectably spiced mulled wines. We have winter food trucks, winter wine trucks is the perfect compliment.

Tell me I'm wrong.

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