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The World’s First-Ever "Running Rave" Is Coming To Montreal

A brand new party comes to Montreal.
The World’s First-Ever "Running Rave" Is Coming To Montreal

Montreal has thrown pretty much every type of party. The sheer amount of festivals the city hosts, each with their own set of unique events, all but proves that point. Come this summer, however, a new type of party will enthral Montrealers, the world's first running music festival known as The Night Nation Run.

Going down at La Ronde (which already makes the whole thing sound an extra special sort of fun), the Night Nation Run is "a 5K musical voyage filled with live music, lights, lasers, and celebration for the lover of Electronic Dance Music."

So, as a participant, you run (or walk/skip/dance) through La Ronde on a racecourse that's made to be like a party, literally. As you go through the race, you'll find DJ stages set up along the track, each with their own unique vibe. Then, when you get to the end of the course, you'll be met with a mega-main stage where you'll get to groove to more EDM acts and "special guest celebrity performers."

There's also a philanthropic edge to Montreal's Night Nation Run, with the event in support of Stand Up To Cancer. The official charity of NNR, Stand Up To Cancer is devoted to facilitating cancer research, and you can help support the cause should you register for the event.

You should also note that, if you're not big into the whole running/being active thing, you can still attend the event, but you'll still have to pay the same fee as everyone else. Yeah, you won't be running or anything, but you will have full access to all of the party-action, hence why you need to pay to get in.

Montreal's first-ever Night Nation Run is going down on September 9, 2016 at La Ronde. For more details, head over to the official event website here.

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