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Montreal Now Gets To Interview Mayoral Candidates Online

Get involved with the campaign through live-online interviews.
Montreal Now Gets To Interview Mayoral Candidates Online

Find political interviews pretty boring? Dislike long and drawn out conversations about housing, and wish there were some more interesting questions posed to political leaders? Thanks to CBC Radio, you now have your chance. As part of 'The Current,'mayoral candidates will be available to answer questions online at 7:30am, a half hour before the programs broadcast. Wake up early and have your voice heard.

Richard Bergeron was the first candidate to be interviewed online and on the radio through CBC's new method. Questions are asked via a text box on the page itself, basically an IM-box allowing you to ask questions for responses. Check out the transcript  for the live interview here. In truth, the questions asked weren't all that different from what real interviewers would ask, a good and bad thing. The good is that citizens are concerned with real issues and engaged. The bad, well, its just as boring as any plain old political Q&A.

Having the interview start so early in the morning may be the cause. I doubt many of us are engaged enough to wake up hella early to get the chance to talk to a candidate. But really, if we want our personal issues adressed, its time to set the alarm a little earlier. The next planned interview will be on Oct. 15th with Marcel Cote.

Source - CBC Montreal

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