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Montreal Now Has A BYOB Retro Arcade Bar

Beer, snacks, and classic games.
Montreal Now Has A BYOB Retro Arcade Bar

Gaming has changed over the years. Playing games used to mean going out to the arcades with a bag full of quarters and coming home broke. But now, gaming usually means playing on your own console at home. The good part is, you get to drink and snack as much as you want. The bad news is, you're limited to whatever games you own. Well now Arcade MTL is combining the best of both worlds to bring you their ultimate retro gaming events.

The arcade will be organizing special gaming nights on Thursdays where you and your friends will be able to play every classic arcade and retro gaming console available on-site. The best part is, it's BYOB. So you can bring your own booze. Entrance is $20 and all the games and snacks are free.

There will also be a huge inventory of games for sale.

Located at 2019 rue Moreau #312 / dial #20 at the door (metro Préfontaine), this week's competition (May 28th - 7:00pm - 12:00am) is Once Upon a Time in the West and the game of choice is Wild Gunman.

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