Montreal Now Has A Cooling Oasis

Kick off your shoes and take a load off.

It's been pretty damn hot in Montreal recently and walking around downtown on a hot day can be rough on your feet. That's why the city of Montreal has decided to install a mini oasis at Quartier Des Spectacles so that passer-byes can kick off their shoes and take a load off. And what better way to do that than to relax on a pretty bench with your feet dipped in a giant foot-bath.

It's called the Installation Montréal Les Berges and if you take a "foot selfie" with the hashtag #‎mtllesberges, you can win a limited edition beach towel.

It's a neat idea, I just hope there's someone watching it at night to make sure it's not being used as a bathtub for raccoons and squirrels. Looks pretty clean so far though.

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