Montreal Now Has A Dictionary For Things That Only Happen In The City

To gorge on a poutine is now an official verb.
Montreal Now Has A Dictionary For Things That Only Happen In The City

Certain things only happen in Montreal. Given the unique makeup of the Montreal population, and the plethora of cultural events specific to the city, unique Montreal-only come in spades, even though there is no "official" documentation. By 2017, there will be one, as a group of UQAM students have made it their mission to create the first "Montreal Dictionary," reports InfoPresse.

Part of the 45 UQAM graduates tasked with planning various artistic projects and iniatives for the city come 2017, this group of three decided to "verbalize the city" and create an official document that lists, and celebrates, the many unique actions and moments that would only happen in Montreal.

Written in French, the Montreal Dictionary is still in its infancy, and only has a few words listed right now. Read more about the project by heading to the UQAM press room here, and read below for a sample of some of the verbs that are defined in the dictionary. Keep in mind anglos that these are French verbs, thus the -er ending:

  • Tamtamer - to take part in the weekly Sunday get together at Mont-Royal known as tam-tams
  • Tricolorer - to cry out "go Habs go" with a million other fans
  • Bixier - to take out or put back one of the 5, 120 Bixi bikes throughout the city
  • Brrrrer - the action of resenting Quebec/Montreal winter
  • Poutiner - to stuff your face with poutine
  • Festivaler - the action pf taking part in one of the 110 festivals the city hosts every year

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