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Montreal Now Has A "Haunted Pirate Ship" Escape Game

Just in time for Halloween!
Montreal Now Has A "Haunted Pirate Ship" Escape Game

One of Montreal's first "escape the room" games, Find The Key is also one of its best. Masters of creating original, high-tech, challenging and fully-immersive experiences, Find the Key now has a brand-new, larger-than-life scenario unlike anything else out there. And just in time for Halloween!

Based on real-life events with a twist, Find The Key's latest game features multiple rooms, state-of-the-art sound/light effects, and a specially made shipwreck built in the basement of a building, full of spooky surprises, and just dying to be explored.

Legend has it, an infamous pirate was about to be hanged for his piracy crimes but not before throwing his necklace containing a cryptogram of 17 lines out in the crowd, exclaiming, "Find my treasure, the one who may understand it!" Many say the treasure is cursed, but the answer may yet still be on the shipwreck. Find it if you dare.

Find The Key also has other challenging scenarios, all 100% original and authentic, and every detail carefully considered to deliver a fully-captivating reality.

Get into character as a crime-solving detective in Crime Scene.

Test your magician skills as a famous illusionist in The Illusionist.

Or change the course of history as a military recruit in Warzone.

With bilingual stories and a variety of customized sensors, programming, and special effects, what really sets Find The Key apart from other escape games out there are the costumed actors that guide you through the puzzles, adding to the immersive atmosphere, and completing the overall experience.

With special rebates for students, weekday bookings, or special events for groups (team building, birthday/bachelor parties, etc.), and located near Berri UQAM metro station, Find The Key is a great way to challenge your friends, family or colleagues in a new way while having fun doing it.

Do you have what it takes to crack the code, find the hidden treasure, and make it out alive?

Check out Find The Key's official website and Facebook Page for more info on The Haunted Pirate Ship, or any of the other challenging scenarios.

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