Montreal Now Has A "Saber Combat Class" You Can Take In Saint Henri

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on when it comes to Star Wars (and it isn’t whether or not The Last Jedi was any good) it’s that lightsabers are infinitely cool. 

The chosen weapon of the Jedi is a staple of the Star Wars franchise, and every person, adult or child, as dreamed of doing battle with the light-based blade. 

Since September of last year, a spot in Montreal has been a similar experience. At The Force Academy in Saint-Henri, you can partake the closest thing to lightsaber combat. 

Well, not real, since lightsabers don’t really exist, but you get the idea. 

Defining itself as an “Activity Center,” The Force Academy gives Montrealers the chance to be a saber knight, offering both basic and advanced classes in saber combat techniques. 

For the more casual battler, The Force Academy has a casual beginners class in ‘saber battling, with all equipment (illuminated sabers and protective face masks) provided. All you really need is a set of gym clothes and the zeal to crush your foes. Oh, and “common sense,” something The Force Academy says you need to show up with, in case you were going to leave that at home. 

Battle-classes are a group affair, but don’t stress if you’re flying solo or in a couple. While a group of ten is generally needed to set up a saber melee, The Force Academy will pair you up with other aspiring saber knight who purchased a ticket for the same time slot. 

The Force Academy is located at 580 rue de Courcelle in Saint Henri. For more info, head over to the official website and Facebook page.

All Star Wars references made in this article have been made by MTL Blog, solely. The Force Academy is not associated with the Star Wars franchise in any form. 

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