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Montreal Now Has A "Jurassic Park" Theme Escape Room

A 'wild' experience in the city.
Montreal Now Has A "Jurassic Park" Theme Escape Room

Honest question: If you didn’t watch Jurassic Park as a kid, what else did you fantasize about? Seriously people, there is a life-size dinosaur at this new Jurassic-park themed escape room, and it moves. There are also trap doors, AND caves. Are you smiling yet?

The Escaparium is basically the Disneyland of escape rooms. Forget cramped setups with hokey puzzles and hardly enough room for 6 of your friends. Escaparium is an adult-sized wonderland where you get lost in the game for an hour. If you don’t have plans this weekend, book it now

Dinosaurs? Check. Thunderstorms? Check. Spooky detoursand clocks ticking down in scary red lights? Check. If you like pretending you’re part of a movie set, this is the place to be. The details are insane, the scale is crazy and all the puzzles are electronic and sophisticated. Honestly, it’s an hour of your life where you forget the rest of the world.

Now, if Jurassic Park is not exactly your thing (who are you), then don't fret because they've got another jaw-dropping game that is sure to keep you guessing until the very end. Chinatown Bomber is one of Escaparium's other amazing games that is now available to the public! Get ready because for this game, you'll be battling the clock as you race from room to room in hopes of detonating a missile deep in the New York underground. And get this: there are multiple floors. Climbing. And even ladders to secret compartments.

Escape rooms are so yesterday. Escape games, on the other hand… Whole different story. That’s what makes Escaparium so special – it was designed by a team of Montrealers and escape room fanatics who did all the other puzzles and thought, “OK, let’s make this better”. And they did. It’s the difference between playing a game, and being immersed in a world.

Real-talk: the MTLBlog team went to see the Escaparium together, and there was no shortage of shrieks, squeals, and smiles. I felt like a little kid snooping around the whole dinosaur lab setup, even though I had to keep my cool and ask smart questions... but I was not-so-secretly planning my trip back the whole time.  

The Jurassic Park themed game, Tyranno Industries, is now open along with Chinatown Bomber. After that, Escaparium will be unveiling 4 other games including one that takes place in a prison, one that’s based on the movie SAW and (drumroll please)... a magic themed one - hello, Harry Potter! We can't wait.

The Escaparium fills up fast on weekends, so book your adventure today