Montreal Now Has A Love Lock Fence In The Old Port

Montrealers have begun locking up the love, and now it's your turn.
Montreal Now Has A Love Lock Fence In The Old Port

Photo cred - @fleurdelotux

We have often wondered why Montreal doesn't have its very own Love Lock Fence, an installation seen worldwide where individuals attach a symbol of their unbreakable bond to fence or city landmark. Apparently the practice has already been in Montreal for quite a while, with many unaware.

Montreal Photographer Sue Vo-Ho managed to snap a pic of a single love lock attached to one of the docks in the Old Port, which is featured above. Photographed some time ago, Montreal's fence of love has begun, but has yet to catch on in the hearts and minds of Montrealers. What we want to know is why.

According to comments made on our previous love lock call-to-arms, Montrealers have attached totems of mutual adoration to fences in the Old Port and Parc La Fontaine, only to find them removed. Kind of surprising, given that the city tends to be pretty relaxed about public art and graffiti.

Photo cred - Christina Spano

What might have happened is this: city workers found a few locks randomly attached to a fixture owned by the city, and just removed them, not being aware of the emotional significance. To ensure this doesn't happen once more, Montrealers need to lock up the love en masse, so that 1) the city has its own legit love lock fence and 2) city workers will realize this is something the public cares about.

So if you got some love to show, go to the Old Port, or La Fontaine, or anywhere just so long as people are made aware, and make Montreal's love lock a testament to the city's passion.

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