Montreal Now Has A 'Makeup University' You Can Get A Degree From

Finally, you can learn something you actually love.
Montreal Now Has A 'Makeup University' You Can Get A Degree From

Remember when Jeremy wrote an article about a whole bunch of useless degrees in Montreal that you can't do much with after you graduate? Well, this post might be that light at the end of the tunnel you've been waiting for.

Montreal now has an academy for enthusiasts of artistic makeup who wish to dive into a professional career in the field. Or maybe you just want to learn the tips and tricks of professional makeup artists so that you can look as selfie ready as Kylie Jenner? L’Académie de maquillage Serge Louis Alvarez has got your back!

There are no other institutions in Montreal that emphasize the artistic and creative side of makeup. Of course, there are schools for hairdressers and make-up artists, fashion and beauty schools, but nothing that focuses exclusively on makeup.

After launching a line of professional makeup in 1992, Serge Louis Alvarez decided to open the doors of his very first makeup academy in Paris in 2005. Shortly after, he franchised into Lithuania, Australia, Lebanon and very soon, he's planning to open an academy in Ukraine as well.

The programs available at the academy are tailored for both amateurs and professionals of the field who wish to perfect their skills.

This makeup academy allows for multiple career options after "graduation": movies, theatre, opera, ballet, fashion and even video games. The world is your oyster!

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