Montreal Now Has A Professional Cuddling Service

Always have a cuddle buddy.
Montreal Now Has A Professional Cuddling Service

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Cuddling does more for your body and soul than you might think. Affectionate human contact has a cornucopia of positive health benefits, the most apparent being the release of the happiness hormone Oxytocin during a cuddle-sesh. Fully aware of the benefits of cuddling, one Montreal healthcare worker has created Cuddle Me, Montreal's first professional cuddling service.

Inspired by cuddling app Cuddlr, and our article on the "cuddle with strangers" service, self-styled Guru Cuddler MirZa, a healthcare professional on the Code Blue Team at RVH, decided to create a legit cuddling service for all of Montreal. Important to note is that the cuddling service is strictly for cuddles (no sex!) and is completely on the level.

To ensure you don't feel awkward about the whole situation when you call/email in for a cuddle sesh, you can actually meet your "Professional Cuddler" to break the ice. Cuddle Me endorses video or telephone chats with your cuddler beforehand, to dispel any initial awkwardness, and to give you some piece of mind that your cuddler is a kindhearted and loving person.

All Professional Cuddlers are expertly chosen and are trained in the art of cuddling, most chosen having a psychology or healthcare background. Cuddle Me is actually hiring 20-60 year olds of any gender to become pro cuddlers, if anyone is looking to get paid to spoon.

As strange as it sounds, cuddling truly does provide some very real health benefits that only Cuddle Me can provide those of us without a regular cuddle partner. Besides the release of Oxytocin, cuddling can improves one's social skills, reduces stress, boosts the immune system, decreases pain levels, and will keep you warm during the cold winter months, along with much more.

Get all the info on Montreal's first professional cuddling service, Cuddle Me, on the official website and Facebook page here.

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