Montreal Now Has A Mermaid School

This is not just a fanta-sea.
Montreal Now Has A Mermaid School

Photo cred - aquasirenecanada

Montreal is a city known for its educational institutions, and now, that's more true than ever. A new kind of school has popped up in Montreal, one that is entirely unique and is a little off-the-wall-and-into-the-ocean. Don your flippers and get swimming over to AquaSirène, Montreal's newest (and only) school for mermaids.

The first of its kind in Canada, AquaSirène is "dedicated to the happiness of your inner mermaid" which comes as a surprise, because I didn't know I had one. Regardless, the school is all about bringing people together "through a shared fondness for mermaids" no matter their age or origin.

If those strangely cryptic and sea-spiritual descriptions left you a little confused, think of AquaSirène as "mermaid experience class" rather than a legit Hogwarts for mermaids.

A few different options/courses are offered at AquaSirène, all taught by a "professional mermaid" and owner of the school, like kids parties, mermaid photo shoots, and corporate mermaid packages where you can have a nautical maiden attend your next company event.

Strangest of all is the "landlocked mermaid package" where a portable human-sized aquarium is set up and a mermaid chills inside, as guests gawk and walk about. Weird, yes, though we wouldn't be too surprised if mermaids were the new "it" thing to have at trendy events in the city. It's so weird it works.

Release your inner Ariel and check out AquaSirène for yourself. Get more info at the AquaSirène website and Facebook page here and check out the trailer below.

Kudos to PetitPetitGamin for initially pointing out this new school to the world.

Untitled from Monika Naumann on Vimeo.

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