Montreal Now Has A Terrasse Bar On Top Of Mont-Royal

The highest terrasse in the city!
Montreal Now Has A Terrasse Bar On Top Of Mont-Royal

Terrasse season is finally here and we couldn't be happier. After all Montreal is home to a ton of great terrasses so you can always find the perfect spot to have drink with your friends.

We have street-side terrasses that are awesome for people watching. Courtyard terrasses for people who want a bit more privacy. And of course, rooftop terrasses that offer amazing views of the city.

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But now Montreal just opened a new spot that will make all the other rooftop terrasses look tiny.

Via cafesuspendu2018

That's because this cafe/bar is located at the top of the Mont Royal lookout!

That's right, this weekend was the grand opening of the Cafe Suspendu Mont Royal!

The cafe offers a number of delicious and refreshing drink and food options and starting in mid-June, they will also be serving alcohol which will make this the highest rooftop bar in the city!

Via cafesuspendu2018

The Cafe Suspendu will be open until October 31!

Click here for more information.

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