Montreal Now Has A "Vegan Sushi Shop" On Duluth Street

Sushi, just without the fish.
Montreal Now Has A "Vegan Sushi Shop" On Duluth Street

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Eating vegan at a sushi restaurant isn't usually the most exciting of flavour adventures. Aside from your standard avocado or cucumber rolls, most sushi menus don't boast many offerings free from any animal meats, and if they do, there's usually some cream cheese in the mix, utterly ruining the vegan potential.

One new sushi shop in Montreal understands the vegan sushi-struggle. Sushi Momo, located on Duluth and Saint Laurent, isn't strictly a fully vegan restaurant, though the sushi shop, which opened little more than a week ago, does have a strong vegan focus, with many enticing edibles fit for a vegan diet.

Sushi Momo doesn't just have a vegan section, the sushi shop has a whole menu devoted to eating vegan. Over 30 different sushi options grace the animal-free menu, which features rolls made with "shrimp" tempura, sweet tofu, sweet potato, Japanese carrots, and so much more you won't even be missing the raw fish.

Some very creative ingredient combinations can be seen on Sushi Momo's vegan menu, including the "Quebec" and "Pizza" rolls. The former features multigrain rice, “shrimp” tempura, green onion tempura, cucumber and sweet sauce, with the latter made up of sweet tofu, green olives, tomato, cucumber, avocado, and Japanese radish and carrot. Both sound pretty delicious.

Sushi Momo also has tons of fish-tastic sushi to be enjoyed for all the meat eaters out there too. Be sure to check out their full menu and get more info by heading to the sushi shop's Facebook page here.

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