Montreal Now Has It's Own All-New Hilariously Offensive Board Game

A board game designed by David Loach and Frank Perrin is making waves. 

The game, aptly titled Construction and Corruption takes a stab at themes that are central to Montreal. The board, itself, is a map of Montreal with zones shaded different colours and highways crossing the map.

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One of the key features of the game is negotiation. Players are constantly trying to strike deals with each other, offer bribes, and make promises that are never completely binding.

Unlike other strategy board games, however, a key element of Construction and Corruption is humour.

The game does everything in its power to incorporate the absurdities of this city.

It allows players to get contracts and decide where to put work crews. They can also elect a mayor capable of offering rewards or punishments.

Work can be delayed to earn more money, and there is a federal investigation at the game's conclusion. Whoever has the most money at this point is the winner.

According to the game's designers, the game keeps getting progressively hilarious. In order to win, contestants have to double cross each other.

Test players have admitted to feeling dirty every time they play the game.

An English version of the game will be launched on December 16 at Victory Point Board Game Café in Côte-des-Neiges.  A French version will be released in January.

The game could well become the iconic Montreal game, if the OQLF decide to take action against its makers for releasing the English version of the game first.