FINALLY A Vodka I'd Drink AND It's From Montreal

Popping bottles with pride.
FINALLY A Vodka I'd Drink AND It's From Montreal

Montreal is very well-respected when it comes to breweries (we do boast some of the world's best beers in our not-so-biased opinion), but when it comes to distilleries, the city doesn't have much to brag about. There's a distinct lack of Montreal-made spirits in-fact, but that's all about to change.

Not one, but two different Montreal distilleries are now about to begin producing and selling the city's very first vodka (Russians rejoice). Distilled right here on the island, the first "100% Montreal vodkas" will be available to the public in the coming weeks, reports JdeM.

One of the distilleries in question is actually owned by the folks who make Glutenberg, the gluten-free beer, with a production facility in Hochelaga. Their new brand of citrus-infused vodka reps the borough its made in pretty hard, as its titled "Oshlag" and will be available in the SAQ starting this summer.

Cirka Terroir is the name of Montreal's other "first" vodka, and despite not being available to the public, it has already won awards at international spirit competitions. Distilled on the banks of the Lachine Canal, Cirka Terroir is described as having, "a delicate sweet aroma with caramel on the palette and a hint of lingering liquorice." Cirka Terroir is slated to be sold at the SAQ come fall 2016.

So while these two distilleries race to sell the city's first homegrown vodka (neither can sell their spirits on-site, as it's illegal) we get to reap all the benefits. In a very short while, we'll have our very own vodka to take shots of, and feel some city-pride slide down our throats and destroy our liver at the same time. Yay!

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