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Montreal Now Has Marijuana Dinners You Can Attend

Your two favourite pastimes all rolled into one.
Montreal Now Has Marijuana Dinners You Can Attend

Photo cred - Flickr

Montrealers are pretty fond of their ganja and even more fond of their food, but combined together in creative and delightful home-made dishes, getting your buzz on becomes a whole lot tastier.

That's exactly what one ingenious Montrealer thought when he decided to host the first THC feast, otherwise known as a "Danquet" with every dish consisting of weed-infused ingredients. C-sar The Incorrigible, as he likes to be known, is a local rapper/weed enthusiast who was looking to up the edibles game in Montreal, while also flexing his culinary skills. Already providing delicious cannabis therapy for many of his friends, C-sar had been playing around with the idea of hosting a "danquet" for sometime as way to celebrate the new year, good company, and one of nature's greatest gifts- the kind bud.

C-Sar described to us how he cooks with weed, but without going into too much detail,  the process mostly involves infusing various cooking oils like sunflower, olive and coconut with high-quality cannabis and then heating it to activate the THC. The oil is then strained and used to create all kinds of sinful dishes.

His first danquet featured a Latin-American themed menu, including a jicama-strawberry salad with chili lime dressing, black bean soup with queso fresco andino, made-to-order steak and tilapia tacos, and an original dessert combining flan and banana bread called torta de tres frutas with strawberries and kiwi covered in wax-infused chocolate.

Mostly friends and acquaintances were invited, and admission was $10, or the equivalent of 1 gram of cannabis, which he charged to make the danquet as accessible and cost-effective as possible, while still being financially viable to reproduce.  In total, about two ounces of herb and two grams of hash oil were used, with everyone leaving very full and highly satisfied. C-sar says admission for his next event, however will be handled slightly differently.

When asked about possible legal implications, C-sar the Incorrigible told us he wasn't too overly concerned as everyone involved is generally peaceful and respectful and don't warrant any police intervention. He sees the issue more as an ethical dilema more than anything else, and believes most reasonable people can agree there's nothing ethically wrong with getting high on dinner.

The next danquet is scheduled for March 14, 2015, which also happens to be his birthday, and while location and menu have yet to be determined, C-sar is "feeling a middle-eastern theme" this time, so expect to see schwarma, kibbe, baklava,  and his serrano hummus which is his "pride and joy. Even loaded with THC it's better than anything you'll find on a store shelf!"

Capacity is going to be capped at 50 people and C-sar will be personally selling tickets through direct message on his Instagram at @incrgbl.

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