Montreal Now Has A New Japanese "Tea House" On Sherbrooke Street

Nothing beats a bowl to beat the cold.
Montreal Now Has A New Japanese "Tea House" On Sherbrooke Street

Winter's wind and subzero temperatures may be here, but Montrealers now have a new (and delicious) way to warm up and fight off the season's cold thanks to the newly opened Thè & Toast on Sherbrooke street. A combo tea house and Japanese restaurant, Thè & Toast boasts quite an enticing menu, with more tasty dishes than the name would suggest.

Open since November 27th (kudos to Eater for pointing it out) Thè & Toast has a solid selection of loose leaf, about 30 different varieties which range from green, to black, to white, and herbal.

Warming up to a hot cup of tea is all well and good, but when you're really feeling numb from the cold, nothing beats a big ol' bowl of soup. Thè & Toast's menu of Japanese and Chinese cuisine boasts meal-in-a-bowl soups like braised beef ramen, sure to warm your body and soul, and other savoury delicacies such as Japanese Oyakadon (chicken rice bowl), Green Curry Chicken Katsu, and much more.

No cafe should be without sweets, even if its technically a tea house, and Thè & Toast definitely has that food department covered. Homemade honey toasts (pic'd below), Hong Kong-style mango pancakes, homemade butter waffles, and cream puffs round out the dessert menu, the perfect finisher to a full meal or a great pair to a simple cup of tea.

Thè & Toast is located on 5100 Sherbrooke Street (map) and is open everyday from 7:30am to 9pm. Find out more about the Japanese tea house by heading to their Facebook page here.

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