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Montreal Now Has Roaming Secret 'Squads' To Catch Crazy Drivers

A new force aims to fix the city's traffic problem.
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Montreal Now Has Roaming Secret 'Squads' To Catch Crazy Drivers

Montreal residents greatly disagree on how to fix the city's traffic woes. But there's one thing on which we can all agree: Montreal drivers are crazy.

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During rush hours, the island's streets and highways can feel like a lawless mess. Aging infrastructure and endless construction often exacerbate already terrible commute times.

With so much chaos, some drivers feel emboldened to take whatever means necessary to reach their destinations. From running red lights, to double parking, to speeding, to reckless driving, such motorists not only put other drivers in danger but also cause severe delays.

The administration of Montreal mayor Valérie Plante now has a solution: roaming "squads" of traffic enforcement officers to identify problem zones and drivers.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the mayor announced this initiative this past spring, but the squads are only hitting the street this week.

Those officers will have more power to issue tickets and harsh punishments for traffic law violations, like double parking and obstructing the passage of other vehicles.

The officers will also serve as inspectors and produce recomendations on how to ease congestion around the city.

The dual function, enforcement officers and planning advisors, is definitely an innovative solution.

Only time will tell if the efforts of these officers will produce a tangible effect for Montreal commuters and pedestrians.

Keep your eyes peeled!


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