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Montreal Now Has "Wall Yoga" Classes

Just hangin' in!
Montreal Now Has "Wall Yoga" Classes

It’s official, Montreal has wall yoga! You heard me! You can now hang upside down in Montreal at Naada Yoga. Some call it wall yoga or yoga korunta, but whatever you call it, it’s cool AF! Wall yoga is a new kind of workout that includes a series of Iyengar style asanas practiced with aid of ropes on a wall, translating to mean puppet or doll made of wood for a total-body workout. So book your class ASAP!

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It’s crazy fun and an absolute blast! You hang, dangle, and use your force to suspend upside down and stretch your muscles. It’s a great workout and a fabulous way to relax right here in Montreal! I strongly recommend going if you want to get pushed that extra yoga mile!

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Wall Yoga is offered as an intermediate course at Naada Yoga. This means that students can expect to be introduced to more physically demanding postures like inversions and challenging leg and arm balances while learning the basics of a pranayama practice (specific breathing techniques). They also offer restorative wall yoga for beginners.

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You can expect to discover how gravity can refine and deepen your yoga practice in a safe and supportive way. Build on the essential poses with the aid of the yoga wall and prepare your body's breath and endurance to include more advanced poses.

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Located in the Mile End,  Naada Yoga offers Wall Yoga classes for $18, a 3-month unlimited membership for $150, and also the Naada Yoga Plus Card that is a partnership with  local independent businesses dedicated to your health and happiness.

Show your card and save:

• 10% at The Green Panther

• 10% at Crudessence Restaurant

• 10% at Épicerie Mile-End

• 15% at Crudessence Academy

• 15% at Espace Nomad

• 15% at Le Bathroom


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5540 Casgrain Avenue



Here is a video of what you can expect!

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Most classes are offered twice a week so book quickly!



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