Montreal Now Has "Wine Yoga" Classes

Two of the best things in life, combined.

Okay, wine loversSit down. Hold on to something. Because I'm about to blow your minds wide open with some seriously awesome news.

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So, you know how wine is awesome? Sure you do. We all do.

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And you know how yoga is awesome? Sure you do. We all do.

Great. Now imagine these two seriously amazing things combined for one mind-blowingly awesome event. Actually, don't imagine, friends. Because this literal heaven isn't happening in your imagination... It's happening IRL, right in Quebec.

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The YVM Yoga Wine Retreat, hosted by Yoga Vieux Montreal, will be going down September 25 from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Although the retreat begins in Montreal, you're going to be taken to Domaine De Lavoie (100 Chemin de la Montagne) in Rougemont, Quebec for the real fun.

It's about a 45 minute drive out of the city, and once you get there, you're in for some legit good times. Be prepared for two different yoga sessions, a vegetarian lunch, and wine tasting session to cap off the day.

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I know, friends. It sounds amazing. Trust me, I know.

Tickets go for $50, or $65 with transport included. So, $65 to and from Domaine De Lavoie, lunch, yoga, and wine?! Um. Yassssss.

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Sound like the most fun way to spend the day? Check out their Facebook event for more information.

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