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Montreal Now Sells Gluten-Free Croissants On Saint-Laurent Street

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Coeliac sufferers, your dietary restrictions just became a little more loose. Once, your were denied the warm, flaky, and altogether deliciously comforting experience that comes with eating a classic butter croissant, but now, thanks to Baked2Go on St. Laurent, you can eat a gluten-free version just as good as the original.

Baked2Go, which opened it's doors a couple of years ago, describes itself as an "advanced bakery," meaning it makes baked goods that are actually good for you. The bakery, run by food chemists rather than your standard baker, creates baked eats that are gluten-free, low in sugar, high in protein, or a mix of all three, making Baked2Go a more "advanced" food option for those with dietary restrictions.

Like any good bakery, Baked2Go makes an assortment of bagels, breads, cakes, cookies, and more, all of which are made healthy-ish one way or another. Most impressive though, are Baked2Go's gluten-free croissants, which are likely the only croissants to bear the "gluten-free" moniker in all of Quebec.

The story behind Baked2Go's GF croissants is actually pretty adorable. A Montrealer, Robert Nitti, wanted to give his new girlfriend the perfect birthday gift, which he concluded was a GF croissant, as she had previously lamented the loss of the flaky pastry due her inability to eat gluten, as reported by CBC. No bakery in Montreal, Quebec, or beyond the province's borders could fill the order, but Baked2Go was up to the challenge, and created a GF butter croissant just as good as the original.

Unfortunately, the relationship didn't pan out, even after that amazing birthday present, but every dark cloud has a silver lining. Nitti lost his girlfriend but the entire city gained gluten-free croissants, so things worked out for the best, at least for all of us.

We've yet to try Baked2Go's GF butter croissants, though they do look just as good as any other croissant we've seen. Head over to the Baked2Go website to learn more, and hop in anytime you happen to be walking up St. Laurent just above Rachel to try one yourself.


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Find out more about Baked2Go by heading to the advanced bakery's Facebook page here.

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