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Montreal Old Port To Host Huge "Oyster" Festival

You'll shucking love this event.
Montreal Old Port To Host Huge "Oyster" Festival

There's really nothing better than getting fresh seafood. Although nothing really compares to eating seafood while you're on a coast, where the seafood was literally caught and brought to you on a plate in less than an hour, Montreal does seafood pretty darn well. 

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There's tons of restaurants here that serve the freshest catches that come from the coast of P.E.I, Maine, and more! 

Now Montreal is hosting a festival to celebrate one of it's favourite kinds of seafood, oysters! 

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Montreal's Oysterfest is going to take place on September September 10th from 12-10pm at Gare Viger in the Old Port! This festival started all the way back in 2009 and has grown to become a celebrated and anticipated end of summer event in the city. 

Tickets will cost anywhere from $25 for general admission to $300 for VIP tickets! 

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Not only will this event hold some of the best Montreal chefs serving unreal oyster and seafood dishes, they will also host some super fun events! They'll be holding all kinds of competitions from oyster shucking competitions, caesar cocktail competitions, seafood platter competitions and more! 

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Some of the amazing restaurants that will be present at this event are La Betise, Kinka Family and Restaurant Emiliano's! 

via @mtloysterfest

Learn more about this event and buy your tickets on their website

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