Montreal Online Crime Reporting Is Now A Thing

A new and online method of reporting crimes anywhere in the city.
Montreal Online Crime Reporting Is Now A Thing

In an effort to streamline the reporting of crimes in the city, Montreal's police force has created the Online Citizen Reporting System. Available 24/7 on the SPVM homepage, the new online feature hopes to eliminate the long procedure to report crimes which is a deterrent when citizens witness or experience minor offenses.

In about 15 minutes you can now report a minor crime from anywhere in the city, using your computer, smartphone, tablet, or anything with an internet connection. After being approved by the SPVM, an official pdf document of the report is emailed to users as an official document to be given to insurance companies.

Speed and accessibility are key features of the Online Citizen Reporting System, as the SPVM hopes to better track crime trends in the city and attain more undocumented crimes. But does this make reporting a crime a little too easy? Without the judgement of a real life human being, a person can make a case on just about anything, not to mention the ease of reporting fraudulent crimes for some quick insurance cash.

Check out the SPVM's official press release and let us know if you think an online crime reporting system is a good thing for Montreal.