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Montreal Opening 21 KM-Long Bike Path At Parc Jean-Drapeau

Ride 'til you die.
Montreal Opening 21 KM-Long Bike Path At Parc Jean-Drapeau

Named after the late mayor of Montreal and the initiator of Expo '67, Parc Jean Drapeau - formerly known as Parc Des Ile - and is located on the east side of downtown Montreal. 

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It's a quick drive from downtown and an even quicker Metro ride. Only one stop from Berri-Uquam station. This spot is the home of dozens of summer events, festivals, and shows. The massive music festivals like Osheaga and Piknic Elektronik are hosted in the beautiful outdoor space. 

But you don't need to be a music festival goer to enjoy this space. Parc Jean Drapeau is home to recreational facilities, even a beach! Making it a great spot to get a quick nature escape without leaving the city.

A notable spot to check out for all you cyclists, roller bladers, and runners out there is Circuit Gille-Villeneuve. A seasonal circuit that is set to open up again soon for the warm-weather season. 

This 4,361‑metre long car-racing track which has played host to the Formula 1Grand Prix since 1978. Between April 14 and November 28th the circuit will be open for use.

The circuit is closed to the public on some days, though. so it's always best to check the schedule ahead of time before heading out to Parc Jean Drapeau.

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