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Montreal Opening All-New "Pierogi" Restaurant

Little morsels of goodness.
Montreal Opening All-New "Pierogi" Restaurant

Perogies are one of the best kinds of Eastern European foods that exist, honestly. They're basically little pillows of heaven stuffed with goodness all rolled up into one delicious bite! If you've never tried them they're basically a form of dumpling made with unleavened dough and packed with a sweet or savoury filling. 

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I'm super excited to say that an all-new restaurant is opening right here in the city that's going to serve plates and plates of these little pillows of heaven! 

via @babayagamtl

The spot is called Baba Yaga Cafe and it's going to be located at 3279 Rue St-Jacques right near Montreal's Saint Henri area! 

You may be thinking, what the heck is a Baba Yaga, right? Well, I decided to save you a google and explain to you guys what this is. Baba Yaga is a immortal being coming from Slavic folklore who appears in the form of a ferocious-looking witch with sharp teeth. 

She lives in a hut deep in the forest that walks on chicken legs and will either bring harm or help to those who enter it depending on their answer to her one question. Now that you have a deeper understanding of what's behind the name of this shop, you should get excited about their grand opening! 

via @perogyguy

You can expect 3 different kinds of perogies as well as a surprise pierogi of the week, every week!  Customers who order this special pierogi will not know what they're getting until it appears in front of them! 

They will also offer beloved Eastern-European dishes for breakfast and lunch such as cabbage rolls, beet and kasha salad, turkey schnitzel sandwiches, traditional Polish street food and sooo many more! 

They haven't set a grand opening date yet, but you should expect the date to be sometime in September! Check their Instagram page for any updates to come. 

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