Montreal Opening All-New "Sake Bar"

You'll have an unreal sushi experience.
Montreal Opening All-New "Sake Bar"

The new up-and-coming type of food in Montreal right now is Japanese food. There's tons of new Japanese restaurants popping up in the city and they're all KILLING it. 

The best thing about Japanese restaurants is how creative and unique each one is. You may think sushi is a such a simple dish, but there's soooo much you can do with it and Montreal's chefs are really stepping up to make some seriously awesome new things. 

That's why I'm really excited to tell you all about this amazing new restaurant opening in Montreal this coming October!

via @leblossombar

It's called Le Blossom Bar and it will be located at 1101 Maisonneuve Boulevard right by Montreal's Gay Village! 

They're going to have a ton of super cool and unique things going on that you've gotta check out when they open their doors.

This futuristic Japanese restaurant will feature a bar with a HUGE selection of sake where the bartenders will make unique cocktails featuring some of the best sake in the city, a tempura bar with tons of options paired with the perfect sauces, and of course an amazing sushi selection! 

Their sushi will be made right in front of you while you watch on in awe of their chef's talent! All their sushi will be made with high-quality rice and the freshest ingredients. The restaurant will be Neo-Japanese themed, so picture Japanese decor but with a futuristic twist. 

Keep your eye out for this amazing new restaurant to open it's doors in mid-October so you can have an unreal sushi experience. 

Check out theirFacebook page and Instagram for updates to come.

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