Montreal Opening First-Ever "100% Vegan" Ice Cream Shop

Because ice cream's greatness should be enjoyed by everyone
Montreal Opening First-Ever "100% Vegan" Ice Cream Shop

For too long, due to their dietary lifestyle, a certain portion of Montreal's population has not been able to enjoy the one of humanity's greatest culinary achievements: ice cream.

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Well they need not struggle any longer because over the weekend the vegan eatery Rawesome opened a new counter in Villeray. While I am in now way, shape, or form a vegan, I can definitely support people getting ice cream.

Their newest vegan treat is called Nice Cream and is made with frozen bananas, hemp seeds and fruits. They've added no sweeteners, no sugars, no oils, no gums no fillers, it's a 100% whole food ice cream that is actually healthy for you, and it's just as creamy and delicious as any other ice cream.

The ice cream will be served in five different flavors: choco berry, unicorn, piña colada, coconut chocolate chip, double choco brownie.

The shop's address is 151, rue Gounod, H2R 1A8, two bocks from Jarry Park