Montreal Amazing "Dumpling Bar" You Need To Try ASAP

Next-level dumplings and cocktails.
Montreal Amazing "Dumpling Bar" You Need To Try ASAP

Montreal is known for it's amazing food and restaurants. Something new and unique is always popping in this city, always giving us great things to look forward to. 

Dumplings are one of this city's specialties. If you know me and my roommates you know how obsessed we are with dumplings. Every chance we get to head out and enjoy some of those scrumptious balls of deliciousness, we take it. 

That's why I'm so excited to tell you guys about this new Dumpling Bar that just opened up right here in Montreal!

Bar Suzanne is the all-new Dumpling Bar that just opened up at 20 avenue Duluth E! They'll be serving sharing dishes of unique dumplings like rabbit and carrot, lamb and seaweed, eggplant and bamboo and so much more. 

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They'll also be serving amazing cocktails made primarily with sake, soju and sherry. This snack-bar/speakeasy is something super unique to Montreal and if you're a dumpling lover you must make it out here ASAP! 

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Visit their Facebook page for more information! 

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