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Montreal Opening New "Thai Rolled Ice Cream Shop"

Tasty little rolls of pure magic.
Montreal Opening New "Thai Rolled Ice Cream Shop"

Friends, if you don't know what Thai rolled ice cream is, then I'm very sorry to announce that you've been missing out on one seriously mindblowing frozen treat.

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Thai rolled ice cream is creamy, tasty, incredibly cute, and made fresh right in front of your eyes.

via @alliegatorgrace

No worries if you've never had the chance to try it, though, because you'll be able to do so very soon in Montreal. 

Pop-up ice cream shop Pandan Creamery will be back again this summer in Montreal, to bless us all with their delicious Thai rolled ice cream creations. 

via @taste.montreal

Last year, Pandan opened for the first time and operated out of Barbarella Salon in St. Henri.

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This year, there's no announcement just yet on exactly where or when they'll be opening. But a post on their Facebook page is hinting that we'll get an announcement very, very soon:

I don't know about you guys, but this is pretty much the most exciting thing I've heard all day!

via @thecausewaykid

For more updates on this, check out Pandan Ice Cream's Facebook page.

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