Montreal Opens All-New "24 Hour Student Cafe"

Prepare for some seriously fun all-nighters.
Montreal Opens All-New "24 Hour Student Cafe"

Ah, university. A time for learning; a time for expanding your knowledge and worldview; a time for kissing sleep goodbye and becoming best friends with your local barista. 

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Take it from me, a former all-nighter queen: in uni, all-nighters are pretty much unavoidable. It helps when you have a really awesome cafe, though.

And one newly opened Montreal cafe just so happens to both serve up delicious coffee, and stay open for 24 hours.

Milton B (3498 Park Ave), situated in Montreal's Milton-Parc, is pretty much the perfect spot to grab a coffee, some food, and get your study on.

Or, you know, just chill. Whatever you do in an awesome coffee shop, friend.

Best part? Milton B is open 24 hours a day. So grab yourself a latte (or 8), show up (and leave) at literally whatever time you want, and prepare to have a new fave coffee spot.

Sound like the best thing ever? Then check out Milton B's Facebook page for more information.

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