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Montreal Opens All-New "Asian Desserts" Bar

Bubble waffles, shaved ice, panna cotta and more!
Montreal Opens All-New "Asian Desserts" Bar

In Montreal we love everything to do with desserts! We're always looking for the new trends like the milkshakes topped with Nutella donuts, the coffee ice cream floats or the boozy cupcakes.  

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That's why this all-new restaurant serving up amazing Hong Kong desserts is super exciting! 

via @sugarmarmalade.official

They have locations all across Ontario in Toronto, Ottawa, Waterloo and many more. Now they finally opened up an all-new location right here in Montreal!

Sugar Marmalade just opened last week and they're already killing it! Their location is right downtown Montreal at 1228 Bishop St and their desserts look insanely delicious. 

via @sugarmarmalade.official

They serve crazy things like bowls of Panna Cotta in flavours like matcha, hazelnut mocha, black sesame and more! You can get all kinds of puddings, cheese cakes, huge bowls of shaved ice, and bubble waffles topped with ice cream! 

via @jessicadfoodist

They also serve other kinds of foods than desserts like their popcorn chicken, chicken wings, octopus balls, and more goodness! 


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via @sugarmarmalade.official

Check out theirwebsite for more information. 

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