Montreal Opens All-New "Asian Noodle" Bar

Oodles of yummy noodles!
Montreal Opens All-New "Asian Noodle" Bar

Montreal is home to some amazing Asian restaurants. We've got everything from Asian dessert bars to Korean fried chicken restaurants to ramen restaurants and everything in between! 

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Now there's a new Asian restaurant that everyone's gonna want to try ASAP because their food is so authentic and delicious! 

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This new spot just opened up at the beginning of the summer and it looks seriously amazing! It's called Cafe Neko and it's located at 3717 St Urbain St in the Plateau area. 

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They serve all kinds of amazing Asian dishes but their specialties are their giant udon noodle bowls, their Donburi and their classic Asian desserts like mochi, green tea ice cream, and green tea tiramisu! 

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They're right next door to the first-ever chai bar, so you can grab your awesome meal and go next door to pair it with a yummy chai or green tea latte! 

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They rotate a special dish every week so you'll be sure to get a super unique and delicious new dish to try every time you go! 

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Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

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