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Montreal Opens All-New Authentic Italian Eatery In The Old Port

Italian "Happy Hour" everyday!
Montreal Opens All-New Authentic Italian Eatery In The Old Port

Back when I was in University I spend a semester abroad in Florence Italy. Duringthose 4-months of living in a real-life renaissance painting, I learned a great deal about Italian food and culture. In other words, I ate and drank enough delicious food and wine to last me a lifetime. 

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There was one Italian cultural practice that really stood out to me though, Italians called it "The Aperitivo".  

Similar to North America's post-work/pre-dinner time slot formally known as "happy hour", almost every bar and restaurant in Florence would offer a spread of tapas-style finger food and drink specials during the early evening, as a way of enticing customers to spend the entire night in their restaurant. 

Most of these evenings would start innocently enough with a glass of wine and a light snack to blow off steam from the day. And would then end three Gin & Tonics deep over a lively exchange of travel stories with a new group of German friends.

When I came back home to Montreal, I found myself really missing European happy hour. A regular 5  à 7 just didn't cut it anymore.

So I was really pleased when I found out a new Montreal restaurant would be offering "Aperitivo" every day as it's main attraction.

Joiea Sociale, located on Wellington Street in the Old Port just opened it's doors just this past weekend. The restaurant is a multifaceted concept that offers modern and authentic Italian fare like rustic pizzas and pasta - like the dish pictured above - for lunch and dinner. And of course, "The Aperitivo".

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All the information you need to know: 

Where: Restaurant Joiea Sociale // Old Port

When: Everyday from 5 - 7:30pm

What: Aperitivo - complimentary Italian snacks and music 

For more information on Joeia Sociale, check out their official Facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE.

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