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Montreal Opens All-New "Brunch Cafe" You've Gotta Try ASAP

A new spot to add to your list!
Montreal Opens All-New "Brunch Cafe" You've Gotta Try ASAP

As Montrealers, we don't kid around when it comes to brunch. When we go out for brunch on the weekends we mean business. We've done our research on the best new brunch spots, discussed our favourites in the group chat, and finally we get to enjoy the best brunch meal of our lives! 

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The brunch culture in Montreal is kinda crazy like this because who doesn't love brunch food? But it's even more than just the food, it's the whole experience of brunch that's fun! 

That's why I'm happy to tell you about an awesome new brunch spot that just opened up that you have to add to your list for this weekend. 

via @restaurantwell

It's called Restaurant Well and it's located at 4567 Wellington St in Montreal's Verdun area! It's so adorable and the food looks super delicious.

via @restaurantwell

They make all kinds of yummy breakfast items like their breakfast poutine, huge stacks of ricotta pancakes, toast with smoked salmon and poached eggs, breakfast sandwiches and so much more! 

They also have a full espresso bar serving up amazing coffees all day long. 

via @uniquelymomo

You'll definitely feel at home here, right when you walk in the door. You can enjoy your delicious plate of amazing brunch food while sipping on your perfectly brewed coffee and having great convos with your closest friends! 

Check out theirFacebook page for more information! 

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