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Montreal Opens All-New "Cafe Bistro" And It Looks Stunning

This is going to be your new fave spot!
Montreal Opens All-New "Cafe Bistro" And It Looks Stunning

I honestly love finding new, cute places here in the city to discover, and when I find them I love sharing them with you guys! That's why when I discovered this amazing new place I couldn't wait to write about it. 

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There's an all-new cafebistro that just opened up this summer and it's definitely going to be your new favourite place. It has literally everything you could want: great coffee, great food, great cocktails, and a stunning interior! 

Don't believe me? Just take a look for yourself! 

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This unreal spot is called Boxermans and it just opened up at the end of June in Montreal's Outremont area! They're located at 1041 Avenue Van Horne. You seriously MUST check this place out ASAP! Like literally drop everything and run over there right now, no joke. 

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Not only is their interior design literally gorgeous, they have so many awesome things to offer in the food and drinks department.

They have a full espresso bar serving up delicious lattes and cappuccinos, a full bar filled with all kinds of delicious wines and cocktails, and a menu of delicious foods like sandwiches, soups, salads, stuffed zucchini flowers, smoked trout and sooo much more! 

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Could it get any better, you ask?? Well, yes it can because they just started serving brunch on the weekends!! Is this going to be your new favourite weekend spot or what? 

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I guarantee you won't be able to stop admiring their classy decor as you sit their and sip on your cozy coffee or fresh cocktail next weekend! 

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Check out theirFacebook page for more information. 

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