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Montreal Opens All-New "Chocolate Factory Cafe" And It Looks Amazing

A real-life Willy Wonka factory!
Montreal Opens All-New "Chocolate Factory Cafe" And It Looks Amazing

I'm sure almost every Montrealer has been to Cacao 70 at least once in their lives. They offer insane chocolate desserts that are perfect for any chocoholic to get their fix. 

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But now they opened up an all-new Cacao 70 Factory that's even more amazing than all their other locations! Not only do they make their delicious chocolate right there in front of you, they also have a full cafe at the front with adorable decor! 

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The Cacao 70 Factory is located at 1751 Rue Richardson Unit T10 in Montreal's Point-Saint-Charles area! Even though it's across the bridge, it's still 514% worth the trip to visit this adorable new spot.

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In the factory they make all their chocolate bars, test and create new recipes, and offer a sweet selection of chocolate to taste while you're there! 

They also make cool chocolate treats like their Matcha frappuccino, homemade s'mores with their classic chocolate bars, chocolate fondue in crazy flavours like Early Grey, unique hot chocolates like sesame and more! 

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It's a gorgeous space perfect to stop in for your chocolate fix mid-week or to stay a while and get some work done! Any chocolate-lover will feel right at home amongst the hard-working chocolate makers and the smell of the sweet cacao in the air! 


via @mademoiselle_montreal

via @th3rdwave

Check out theirFacebook page for more information. 

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