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Montreal Opens All-New "Classy Brunch" Spot You Have To Try ASAP

Your new fave place!
Montreal Opens All-New "Classy Brunch" Spot You Have To Try ASAP

Brunch is super important to us Montrealers and we all know that the best time for brunch is on the weekends. Every Saturday and Sunday morning Montrealers flock to the best brunch spots and we're all willing to wait as long as it takes to get in. 

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As long as we're getting amazing brunch food in cute spot with a great atmosphere, we're happy to wait an hour to get in. But now there's an all-new brunch spot that you all need to know about! 

It just opened at the beginning of the summer and I guarantee it's going to be your go-to spot for brunch this weekend.

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It's called Restaurant Melisse and it's located at 719 William St. in Montreal's Griffintown area! Not only is the atmosphere of this place so chill and adorable, the food is also AMAZING!

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They offer nutritious and gourmet brunch at completely reasonable prices! You can get all kinds of breakfast tartine, breakfast sandwiches, salads, granola bowls and so much more! 

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The decor here is so stunning and fresh you'll feel like you just stepped into a garden! 

Check out theirwebsite for more information. 

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