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Montreal's “Fresh Donut Shop” That You Gotta Try ASAP

Tasty morsels of happiness.

Guys, there's a reason why the say that donuts are the breakfast of champions. Because, although they offer little to no nutritional value, they make you happy. And happy people win at life. Always.

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Montreal's donut scene has been popping for a little while now, with a handful of shops serving up tasty, fresh, creative AF donuts.

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But, since variety is the spice of life and there's no such thing as too many donuts, I have a very exciting announcement: Montreal will soon be home to a brand new fresh donut shop.

DoughNats, a donut shop that's been operating in Montreal online for a little while now, will be opening a location on Decarie and Isabella, according to a post on Chowhound and hinted at in a post on the shop's Facebook.

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If you've ever tried their donuts, then you know you're in for a treat.

Their flavours include "Midnight Snack", with milk icing and fruity pebble pieces, "Snap Crackle Pop", with marshmallow icing and Rice Krispie chunks, and "Cinder(Nut)ella", which is basically a ball of dough stuffed with Nutella. Yasss.

Although their exact location and opening date is yet to be announced, all I know for sure is that once this spot does open, it'll be lit.

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Does this sound yummy AF? Then check out DoughNats' website and Facebook page for updates.

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