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Montreal Opens All-New "Hawaiian Themed" Restaurant On Saint-Catherine Street

You've seen theHawaiian cafe in Montreal and all the poke restaurants but you've never, EVER seen ANYTHING like this! This Hawaiian themed restaurant has changed the restaurant game. Not only did they go above and beyond on their decor, but their menus is CHALK FULL of options from ice cream to of course your favorite poké . 


They have acai bowls, fish cone ice cream, poké , and SO MUCH MORE. However, the best part is that it is located right on St. Catherine Street which makes it easily accessible to ALL. 

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Kamehameha Snack-Bar is absolutely  spectacular. They serve lunch, dinner, and superb drinks inspired by Oahu’s North Shore surfing culture. The restaurant officially opens this Sunday, July 16th and trust me, it is worth EVERY PENNY.


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General Information:

Open: Sunday, July 16th

1190 Sainte-Catherine East


Monday to Friday 10h30 - 23h00
Saturday to Sunday 10h30 - 23h00

Pricing: $6-$13



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