Montreal Opens All-New "House Of Chicken And Waffles"

Two dishes combined into one magical treat.
Montreal Opens All-New "House Of Chicken And Waffles"

One thing I seriously love about this city is that there are new and awesome places to discover popping up almost every single day.

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The restaurant game in Montreal is never, ever stale, and each spot is so diverse that no matter where you go, the chances are very high you'll never be eating the same thing twice.

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And one perfect example of a brand new spot that's also unique AF? Montreal's Le Bird Bar (1800 Rue Notre-Dame O), located in Griffintown.

This restaurant specializes in fried chicken and champagne, served in a super gorgeous and contemporary setting.

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And, trust, they've got some seriously good fried chicken... and some seriously innovative fried chicken dishes, too.

For example, they've got vegan fried chicken (covered in a crispy, perfectly seasoned crust), fresh oysters with popcorn chicken legit inside the oyster... and some incredibly tasty chicken and waffles.

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That's right, friends. Bird Bar's scrumptious, tender, juicy fried chicken placed on top of fluffy and tasty waffles.

It's served up with a maple sriracha sauce, and a side of watermelon feta mint salad. Is there anything better?

No. Of course not. Lovers of chicken and waffles, rejoice.

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Sound like your new fave spot? Then check out Le Bird Bar on Facebook for more information.

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